Dr. Roderick Peters





I am a medical doctor, and a Jungian analyst and psychotherapist. 


I have been working with troubles of the mind, the soul, and the heart, for more than four decades now.


I have consulting rooms in

Kensington, London W8*


Ewhurst, Surrey GU6*


Email address for contact



Currently available sessions : (September 2021) Kensington 0, Ewhurst 0



It's now 19 months since the Covid19 virus changed life in the UK; my work has alternated between online sessions during times of lockdown, and brief periods of in-person sessions between lockdowns.

Now, October 2021 as I write, I have been working in-person for 6 months without any ill consequences. Flexible mixtures of online and in-person work are going to be the new normal.


 I continue to be careful to minimise the risks of infection; I and almost everyone I know and work with, are fully vaccinated, and my consulting rooms provide:


   * distance between participants (never less than 2.5m)


* flows of fresh air in/out of the room


* biocidal treatment of surfaces





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